According to the most recent Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Facts (Calendar Year 2018)[1], there were 12,161 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2018 with 14,908 people sustaining a serious injury, and based on reportable crashes, one person was injured every two minutes, seven seconds, and there was one reportable crash every fifty-eight seconds. In Corpus Christi, Texas, from 2013-2017, we had 28.4% of the state’s traffic fatalities, with an annual fatality rate of 2.5, with a total of 141 traffic fatalities, 40 of which were due to speeding.[2] Traffic data takes a while to compile, but even with fewer cars on the road due to the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the rate of car accidents has not changed much and in some areas, is increasing.

Every driver is at risk of...